Stand with Humanity | COVID-19

Donate food for COVID-19 affected people
through Roti Bank Mathura

Poor people are currently fighting a different fight altogether. This section of society is more scared of dying of hunger than COVID-19.  It is here that we can all extend our help to such affected persons & their families.

Roti Bank Mathura, a registered non-profit organization under Annamitra Foundation Mathura, runs food distribution program to provide food to the needy, poor people since 2015. We are continuously providing food, dry ration,  milk, etc to the affected people.

We are distributing dry ration packets of Aata, Rice, Pulse, Oil, Spices, Vegetables, Soap & Sanitisers, etc.  Poor and needy People around Mathura, & Vrindavan district will be supported. A helpline number is released and on receiving information, volunteers are providing through the help of police and administration 112 help vans.

Donate Rs. 5100/- for one-month food of 1 family


Annamitra Foundation | Serving the Society | Fight Against Hunger


Annamitra Foundation is the registered non-profit, charitable non-governmental organization working to bring happiness to the poor, hungry, helpless people in the society.

We believe that when you help any individual in the underprivileged section of society not only his family but the entire society gets benefit with their smile.

Let’s work together, we can make the change.


Annamitra Foundation is a non-profit, charitable, non-governmental organization working for the upliftment of the underprivileged section in the society with its motto 'Serving the Society'.

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Annamitra foundation works to bring happiness to the poor, hungry, helpless people from the underprivileged section of society. From free food distribution programs to distributing clothes, organizing health & blood donation camps, helping street children education, awareness programs & relief work are activities where we are involved.

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Your every contribution will make a change in the life of an underprivileged person”
Support us through your contribution to run this cause

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India   Ranks

102 out of 107

India has a “serious” hunger problem and ranks 102th out of 107 countries on the global hunger index

India ranks below many of its neighboring countries such as China (25th rank), Nepal (73), Pakistan (74), Sri Lank (66) and Bangladesh (88)


of the Indian population is undernourished, meaning that they do not receive enough calories per day



of children die before the age of five


of children under five are stunted(low height for their age), reflecting chronic undernutrition


of children under five are wasted(low weight for their height), reflecting acute undernutrition

India has made considerable progress in tackling Hunger and Undernutrition in the past two decades, yet this pace of change has been uneven and many have been left behind.

Now is the time to assert the right to food for all and make Zero Hunger a reality for everyone.

73 million

are still living below the extreme poverty line




India  Ranks

144 out of 156

Many children are still not afforded an opportunity to attend school due to poverty

Over 59 million children in India have no access to school

Free Food Distribution Program

We provide free food for poor, hungry people. We work to fight against hunger with our dream ROTI BANK MATHURA KA  SAPNA - BHOOKHA NA SOYE KOI APNA

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Clothes to Underprivileged

"Vastram"-Clothes to underprivileged, We Distribute clothes to the homeless, poor people in the society. Usually, old clothes in good condition are collected and distributed...

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Street Children Education

"Sakshar"-We are associated with schools working for orphanage, poor & street children in the slum areas. We provide school kits, books, pen-pencils, colors and other daily need items...

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Donate Food

Donate food items for our free food distribution program

Donate Clothes

Donate clothes for the homeless underprivileged.

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Other Activities.....

Reducing Food Wastage

Food wastage is ‘injustice to the poor’. We collect extra food from marriage parties, hotels & restaurants and redistribute it to the poor, hungry people...

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Health & Blood Donation Camps

We organize Health Checkup & Medical Camps in Street Schools, Slum areas.  Blood Donation camps in association with Rotary blood bank also organised at different locations.

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Relief Work during Disaster

We provide food and other relief material to the victims during the disasters

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Celebrating Together.....

Our team members celebrate their special days with poor, underprivileged. You can also join us to celebrate your special day.

Celebrate with us

Cleanness Drives

Cleanness drives are organized at various places under the Clean India Mission. Swachch Bharat - Sunder Bharat

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Awareness Programs

We organize awareness and educational programs for the betterment of the society. We conduct cleanness drives, tree plantation etc.

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We encourage more volunteers to contribute their time and skills to serve the society. Please join our cause

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We encourage more volunteers to contribute their time and skills to serve the society. Please join our cause