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Who We Are

Annamitra Foundation is a registered non-profit, charitable NGO working at Mathura-Vrindavan, the holy city of the birthplace of Lord Shri Krishna. We work for the welfare of the poor underprivileged sections in the society.

Our Vision

We believe that when you help any individual in the underprivileged section of society not only his family but the entire society got benefited with their smile. We wish to create a better world through kindness to poor, underprivileged in the society.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – Bringing happiness to the face of every poor, hungry person in India by providing food, clothes & other personal care items.

Let’s work together, we can make the change. Come to join us to ensure that no one should sleep an empty stomach near us!

Our Story

Our endeavor to support these unfortunates started by collecting and redistributing the food in slum areas of the city, later we extended our approach to providing healthy & nutritious food to poor, hungry people at hospitals, stations, orphanages, street schools & slums by launching our free food distribution program. We also join hands with banquet halls, hotels to collect and redistribute their surplus food items leftover after marriage or birthday parties thus reducing the food wastage.

Our team also identify other needs of these poor peoples for health, education & personal items, we started clothes distribution program, help in the schooling of homeless street children, organizing health camp & medicines. We also work for the welfare of society by organizing various awareness programs, organizing blood donation camps, cleanness drives and help in other governmental beneficiaries programs & relief work.

Next Steps...

We encourage more volunteers to contribute their time and skills to serve the society.