Our Vision

We believe that when you help any individual in the underprivileged section of society not only his family but the entire society gets benefit with their smile.

Our Mission

The mission of Annamitra Foundation is to create a better world through kindness to poor, underprivileged in the society. Our mission is simple – Bringing happiness to the face of every poor, hungry person in India by providing food, clothes & other personal care items.

Let’s work together, we can make the change.

Come to join us to ensure that no one should sleep an empty stomach near us!

Free Food Distribution Program


Our endeavor to support these unfortunates started in 2015 by collecting and redistributing the food in the slum areas of the city, later we extended our approach to providing healthy & nutritious food to poor, hungry people at hospitals, stations, orphanages, street schools & slums by launching our free food distribution program. We also join hands with banquet halls, hotels to collect and redistribute their surplus food items leftover after any marriage or birthday parties thus reducing the food wastage.

Our team also identify other needs of these poor peoples for health, education & personal items, we started clothes distribution program, help in the schooling of homeless street children, organizing health camp & medicines. We also work for the welfare of society by organizing various awareness programs, organizing blood donation camps, cleanness drives and help in other governmental beneficiaries programs & relief work.


Annamitra foundation under its free food distribution program runs Roti Bank Mathura, which provides fresh, healthy and nutritious food to the poor, hungry people in the different locations. As per our resources, we are currently limited to city area with approx. feeding to around 10-12K per month. We are in plan to expand our approach to other cities also. We cook as well as collect cooked food from home across the city through our collection centers at different locations. Our team of volunteers is always ready to feed the hungry mouths and help them to live a happy life.

Reduce Food Wastage

"Food Wastage is Injustice to the Poors"


We understand that food wastage is not only the injustice to the poor but also it is an insult to the farmer who grows it. Reports say that even if just one-fourth of the food currently lost or wasted globally could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people in the world. Considering this idea, we took initiative under our free food distribution program about reducing food wastage. We get in touch with different restaurants, hotels & banquets halls to collect their surplus food from events like weddings etc and redistribute to the needy at hospitals, slum areas, etc. We are also planning to start an awareness drive to educate the people to reduce food wastage at their home.

How It Works:
1. We receive the message from Restaurant, Hotels, banquet halls.
2. Our volunteers reach their location & check the quality.
3. If the quality is good, then we collect it.
4. Redistribute to the nearest beneficiary location under free food distribution program.

Clothes Distribution Program


"Vastram" - Clothes distribution program by annamitra foundation was started last year when our volunteers found many homeless poor peoples without proper clothing during peak winter season. We distributed blankets and winter clothes.

Our team collects old good quality clothes through our food collection centers and volunteers. After that, we distribute to the homeless poor people.

Recently Annamitra Foundation has celebrated Mother’s day by distributing sarees to the underprivileged, poor mothers and in Oldage homes. A week-long programme was started by the team from the Old Age Home operated by Samaj Kalyan Vibhag, Mathura. In this programme, the team celebrated Mother’s Day by gifting 2 sarees each. When the gifts were being distributed, many mothers gave blessings to the happy souls. We also promised them to distribute Kurta Pajama to men and other necessary items in near future. Apart from gifting, we are also planning to take them for a picnic and start celebrating small functions with them. One of old mother gets emotional and sung a song.

The team has distributed sarees in next days at Vrindaban Kustha Rog Ashram and other places to the needy, poor mothers.


Street Children Schooling


An educated person can change the entire society. Understanding the importance of education for all the children, we started "Sakshar" to help in the education of poor, homeless, street children. We provide school kits, books & other stationary items, dresses etc. We also provide food items under our free food distribution program. We also arranged an awareness program to motivate these families regarding the importance of education. Our next plan is to start free weekend coaching classes in these areas.

Health  &  Blood
Donation Camps


Annamitra Foundation in association with Rotary Blood Bank organizes Health and Blood Donation camps at different locations. We also arrange first aid camps for the pilgrims coming to the city during festivals.

Relief Work During Disasters


We help the victims during disasters by providing food and other relief materials 

Awareness Programs


We also organize various awareness programs in association with other government as well as non-governmental agencies. We help in cleanliness drive under Mission Clean India "Swachh Bharat-Sundar Bharat", International Yoga Day, Cast your vote, Tree plantation - "Go Green"  etc.

Celebrate Together

"Let's Make Them Happy"


We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other memorial day of our team members with children at an orphanage, old age home or underprivileged poor families. Our this work not only makes them happy but also increase the feeling of equality. The smile on their faces clearly shows their appreciation and blessing. You can also join them to celebrate your special day, our volunteer will be happy to make arrangements for you. Please inform your plan at least 10 days in advance.